Paragon Solar 4 Trim

The solar trim is addaptable to all of Paragons 16" and 18" fires. Laser cut 4 sided frames for 

mounting up the wall. Brushes stainless steel or graphite finishes. Available on manual or remote fires only. Class 1,2, pre-cast flues and balanced flue RS models. Marble or granite slips can be added as seen in 2 of the images.


Open Fronted Fires

P1 Convector - 4.44Kw 70.4% eff. Deep coal bed

2000 plus extra - 4Kw 63% eff. Medium coal bed

Slimeline 3 - 4.1Kw 65% eff. Shallow coal bed

Glass Fronted Fires

Focus HE - 4.4Kw 82% eff. Deep coal bed

Focus HE - 3Kw 77% eff. Shallow coal bed

Focus RS - 4.3Kw 85% eff. Medium coal bed


More 16"/18" Paragon fires available with this trim



Please call for price                           01332 381818

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